Natural Methods for Lash Lifting
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Natural Methods for Lash Lifting

When performed by a specialist, a lash lift will provide you with weeks of perfectly styled lashes; but, if you cannot make this one to the salon for your visit, it will sometimes result in several lash troubles. The good news is that the perfect at-home lash lift alternatives will still lend your lashes a fanned-out, ideally lifted, and curled appearance while becoming much better to do on your own.

Guide to Lash Lift Eyelash

Following is the lash lift procedure which includes natural methods for lash lifting:

  • styled lashesCastor Oil

Castor oil is among the most common oils for raising lashes. Castor oil is primarily composed of Ricinoleic Acid, the omega fatty acid that nourishes brittle and fine hair, promoting health and development. The oil is also high in Vitamin E, which helps heal weakened follicles and avoid further damage. It also contains ingredients that moisturize and hydrate for the most fragile lashes. Apply a few drops of castor oil over your eyelashes with a thin mascara wand at night while washing your face. You should even softly coat your lashes with a q-tip or your fingertips. Apply consistently every three to six months to see progress.

  • Aloe Vera

Seriously, have all of these in your refrigerator because it turns out to be perfect for, yeah, anything. Lash extensions are used. However, in terms of a natural lash rise, this one is a bit unusual in that it cannot be used on its own. You can, but it’s safer to use it combined with another oil to ensure the moisture is kept in. Depending on availability, you can choose between castor oil as well as jojoba oil. Combine equal parts and add liberally to lashes using a mascara brush. Aloe vera is indeed a succulent that is among the simplest indoor plants to care for. Cut off a piece of the leaf and suck out the goodness. Nothing beats getting right to the root when it comes to nourishing the skin and hair. This ingredient’s antibacterial and antifungal agents leave one’s lashes clear, clean, heavy, and thick – just what good lashes look like!

  • Use a Spoon

You can have them instead of using the clamp if you think your lashes might need some extra support. Warm (not hot) a standard metal spoon in water, then dry it off and press the bent side to the underneath of your lashes. Hold it in place for a few seconds to form a curve. Alternatively, buy a fresh toothbrush and use it as your lash lifter. Run warm water over the bristles, shake off all the water, and use this to softly comb the lashes upward into a curl (before adding mascara). With each application, clean the brush with soapy water and a simple dribble of rubbing alcohol.

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