How to Create A Waterfall Braid
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How to Create A Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are among the most beautiful hairstyles for spring. It is a simple and convenient hairstyle that you can wear at work, at a dance party with buddies, and even at a formal event. The waterfall braid, which is both remarkably feminine and extremely versatile, can indeed be integrated into almost every hairstyle of your choice, adding length, width, and stylish touch to the overall appearance. And the best thing is… This braid isn’t quite as difficult as it seems. In this article, we will provide you a waterfall braid tutorial.

How to Create A Waterfall Braid?

  • Take the hair from any side, close to the front.
  • A waterfall braid is divided into three sections: the top, the center, and the bottom. Make a stitch like a normal braid, then allow the new lower part to fall.
  • Take a new layer of hair from the upper part and position it as the new upper part.
  • Make another new stitch.
  • Repeat the steps no. 3 and 4 till reaching the other part of the head.
  • Protect the ends of the hair by pinning the braid beneath.

Waterfall Braid Styling

Waterfall Braid Styling Ideas

Following are some waterfall braid styling ideas:

Short Hair Waterfall Braid

If you have a short haircut, then a waterfall braid is indeed a great way to change it up. Braided firmly, all over the head, it can look like a crown in the hair while still bringing a pleasant touch to your look.

Waterfall Loop Braid

This type of waterfall braid is fragile, but it has an irresistible wow element. Straighten the hair prior to starting to braid for the optimal effect. Women with soft, silky hair should use a styling cream to help keep the loops intact. A small amount of cream applied to every strand will offer extra hold.

Messy Bun

The type of waterfall braid is indeed a simple way to turn your daily messy hair into a stylish and elegant hairstyle. Split your hair into two parts and start braiding from the front to achieve the look. While doing this, remember to hold the waterfall strands away for later usage.  When you’ve finished braiding the hair, pull back all the hair and first make a high ponytail, tie them in a messy bun shape.

Elegant Look

There is no doubt that even a simple waterfall braid looks awesome, but you can dress it up with a few pretty flowers for a more glamorous look. It gives off a woodland vibe and gives you a look of a jungle princess.

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