Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tips
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Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tips

Semi-permanent paint treatments do not need ammonia or alcohol, making them gentler alternatives to permanent painting. Only the gentlest paint rinse will bring luster, a deep blush, and subtle shimmering light highlights to your hair. These color enhancements are a perfect way to experiment with your hair color without sticking to a single color. Following are the semi-permanent hair color tips to keep demi permanent hair dye which are temporary hair dyes:

Apply to Wet Hair

The hair follicle is open because the hair is wet. Since there is no ammonia, adding semi-permanent hair color to towel-dried hair would help it absorb color more effectively. It can also benefit in a more even treatment (fewer spotty patches) and use less color, which is ideal for all of us with very long or thick hair.

Skip Out on Heat

You’re probably aware that using heat products regularly will harm your hair. Rather than going for your blow-dryer or even flat iron, place them on ice and experiment with heat-free styling techniques. It’s an excellent way to protect your hair from the heat while also allowing you to style it.


Do Not Wash Your Hair

Know how damp hair equals an open shaft? You don’t want to wash away the bright paint you just applied to your hair. Instead, before adding paint, rinse and towel dry your hair. Essentially rinse out the hair dye as well as condition as usual after use. This will cause the hair dye to soak into your hair.

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Use Lukewarm Water to Wash

Though there’s nothing like a heavy, steamy shower, you might want to cut back until you’ve decided on semi-permanent hair color. Hot water strips hair of all its natural oils, leaving you with a dried and lifeless mane—the last thing you like. Switch down the temperature in the tub to hold your strands and hair dye in tip-top shape.

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