Colourful Eye Shadow Tutorials for Blue Eyes
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Colourful Eye Shadow Tutorials for Blue Eyes

This is not the first time that the phenomenon of the best eye shadow to pair with your eye color is being discussed. But with so many different shades and products available today, which ones will truly deliver on their intention of getting your eyes to look their best? Between honing your blending techniques and scheduling time in your day to practice, the last thing to be considered is what to use and how it is used. Although blue eyes are a recessive trait, they need to be your defining element if you have them. Please bring them to life with these seven blue eye shadows and mascara shades.

Best Eye Shadow Colours for Blue Eyes

Some of the most popular and trendy eyeshadow for blue eyes tutorial include:

  • mascara shadesRusty colours
  • Purple hues
  • Copper shadows
  • Ever classic neutral shadows

Trendy Ideas of Makeup for Blue Eyes

  • Warm Nude with Espresso: With blue eyes, warm nudes and deep brown shades work wonders. You can create a smoky eye using a contrasting makeup colours for blue eyes, or you can go individually and apply them alone to instantly warm up the lid. It is one of the most liked colorful eyeshadow tutorials for blue eyes on the web.

  • Gentle Mauve Silhouette: Mauve is all that is required to create this shadow look. Begin by incorporating a gentle mauve silhouette across the eyelid, followed by a darker mauve shadow to line the eyes. All you need is a cornered brush to assist in applying it across the lash line if the eye shadows are used as eyeliner.
  • Bronzy Look: Affluent bronze tends to make blue eyes as light as possible and makes it perfect by adding light-blue detail in the eyes’ corners. Put on your eyelids a thick layer of creamy bronze eyeshades and follow the gorgeous blue detail for the final touch in the eye corners.

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