Every woman is unique like a snowflake, and the same goes for her hair & skin. While we may have different textures, we all have one thing in common: every woman wants to be on point and look confident. Of course, beautiful and healthy hair & skin is key. And we are here to show you how to reach perfection with your locks! No matter how thick or thin, straight or wavy, curly or kinky your hair is, our multifaceted team got it all covered.

In 2012, we started Caramel Day with one purpose — help women from all around the globe get the most of their hair & skin. From popular color techniques to haircuts and styling ideas, we’ve been filling our website with the hottest info to make our readers happy with their locks. Everything began with our passion for seizing trends from the beauty industry, which soon transformed into a whole community where everyone can get their questions answered.

Alongside inspirational pics and sensational beauty ideas, our experts have prepared essential hair & skin care tips to keep all hair & skin types healthy. Whether you want to go natural and embrace your texture or you’d like to color your hair at home, we are your universal beauty guide.

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